Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lets not forget about Mayday

We finally got a dog that works for the family and our controlled chaos of a home life. He is very energetic and loves to torture the cats and kids. Were not sure what kind of mutt he is but were thinking some sort of terrier. He was shipped to us all the way from Missouri as a 10 week old puppy (yeah this post is late.) After an adventurous and LONG day at the airport we took him home where he quickly adapted and became one of the family.

Friday, November 14, 2008


This is the newest member of the Wagner household. His name is Jeffery and we got him from an allergic neighbor. His favorite activities include stalking the fish while perched on the fish tank and hunting Alice. He is a very active kitty and constantly wants to play with Roxy, which irritates the crap out of her. Welcome Jeff!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

New bunk beds for the girls!!!!

The girls got new bunk beds the other day, courtesy of Grammy and Dzaidu (thank you!!!). Ali is now in a big girl bed and I think she will do ok. Not that she has a choice, we already brought her crib out to the curb... Anyway, the bunk beds help with space in their room too. Mommy and Daddy took the big room... shame, shame.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Ok, so Grace and I were trying to make cookies for Dave to bring to work on Sunday and the recipe, like most, called for softened butter. Well me, being the Martha everyone knows I am, decided that it would be a good idea to put the butter inside the oven while it was pre-heating. That way by the time I got everything else together, the butter would be nice and soft. Well I must have forgot about it because next thing I know, the oven in smoking and the fire alarm is going off! I know, right!!! And that's not the whole story...
So I turned off the oven and waited like a half an hour. Then I noticed that my new oven has a self cleaning setting!! What's better than an oven that can clean itself, right??? WRONG!!!! Apparently, the oven temp goes up to like 500 degrees and just burns the crap out of everything. That's how it cleans. So, of course the butter caught on fire and the whole inside of the oven was this one big flame, and Grace is telling me we are suppose to "crawl to safety", and the whole time Ali is sleeping up stairs. So I try to open the oven to put it out with the extinguisher but the door is locked, so I called 911. Holy crap!!! 3 engines, the OOD and a cruiser showed up. All with their lights and sirens wailing.... 
It was so embarrassing... They ended up taking the oven outside and letting it burn off by itself. Needless to say, I will soften my butter the old fashion way from now on...   

Friday, June 13, 2008

Flash Backs....

So, The girls and I went on Wednesday to see Dave get his smokey bear cover for his new job (see below in Dave's update), and we were in this big like board room with like 20 other CCs. I swear I was hearing my CC yelling at me all over again. It was really scary!!! I couldn't wait to get out of there!

Here's some more beach pics. It's so nice out here. Now if we could just fix the house situation...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Beach...

Today the whole family went to the beach!! It was awesome!! Everyone but Ali got burned, but it was way worth it. Lots of other kids and no current and very shallow water. This family brought 5 golden retrievers and they were swimming and giving Ali kisses and playing with everyone. Ali loved it. I would love to get a dog for them. We will see. 
Ali is having a really hard time going to bed lately. She is climbing out of her bed. Over and over and over... So we have been doing the best we can, just continually putting her back to bed. If anyone has any suggestions, PLEASE send them to my email.
Thank you!! I'll post some pics soon. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We have set up and are looking good. Our house is a bit smaller than Cape Cod and the neighborhood is a lot more crowded, but we will make it work. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us in for a while. And thanks Steven, your bed is so comfy...:) We miss everyone, but we will be seeing you soon. 
We've been to some beautiful beaches out here. Anyone looking for a vacation should come and visit. 
Email me at for address and phone numbers!!
Talk to you soon!!